AGE KILLER - Lift-in-tense Anti-age firming cream

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  • Intensely firms and stretches the skin from the first application.
  • Gently coats and tones the skin.
  • Smooths and relaxes the skin muscles, thus softening expression lines.


A complete intense firming skincare which rebuilds the architecture of younger skin and restores vitality, firmness and elasticity. The renewing action on elastin produces a spectacular “stretch” effect on skin suppleness which follows the natural expressions of the face without sitting into lines.On application, AGE KILLER LIFT-IN-TENSE Cream leaves a very noticeable “mesh” feeling on the skin which instantly and visibly improves facial firmness with spectacular results.


> After 2 months : +28 % Improvement in the elastic properties of skin

> 90% women reported significant improvement

> 95% reported improved elasticity / suppleness

> 76% reported improved firmness / tone

> 95% reported a visible reduction

IN-USE Tests: 28 women over 45, with wrinkles and first signs of sagging.



The AGE KILLER LIFT-IN-TENSE formula combines several plant extracts from South African origin with biopeptides for exceptional results.

VERNONIA APPENDICULATA : improves the structure and the maintenance of the skin

Acts to strengthen the structure of the dermo-epidermal junction which improves skin architecture. Also boosts the renewal and improvement of the extracellular matrix.

DILL SEED EXTRACT : promotes the synthesis of elastin

Stimulates the synthesis of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), a messenger necessary for the cells to stimulate the synthesis of proteins, particularly LOXL (Lysyl Oxidase) proteins. One of these, LOXL-1, plays an essential role in the continuous assembly of functional elastin fibers.

PARACRESS EXTRACT : restructures and redefines the skin relief

The powerful anti-oxidants found in the flower buds of this South African plant, stimulates cellular dynamics. It has a stimulating action on fibroblasts which helps tightening the dermal “mesh” structure.



  1. Apply the cream morning and / or evening finger or with the spatula provided.

  2. Apply in small touches on the cheeks, chin, forehead and neck.

  3. Massage gently upwards, from the inside outwards.

  4. For synergy and shock action lift and extreme firmness, choose the combination of firmness cream and serum AGE KILLER.