AGE COMMANDO - Elite skincare - Density, wrinkles, volume

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“No Age” Elite Skincare

...when the natural performance of organically-grown plant waxes replaces the artifice of silicone in the instant filling and embellishment of the skin....

AGE COMMANDO is the perfect synergy of special active ingredients selected for their skin ageing performance.

Benefits: elite skincare, with an entirely new texture, for a well-structured skin (volume, density, suppleness) that is more resistant (nourished, firmed, protected) and noticeably more beautiful (radiance, glow, evenness).

 An effective weapon and shock treatment:

  • Wrinkles filled in, skin nourished,
  • Face reshaped,
  • Better toned face contour,
  • Finer skin grain and tighter pores,
  • Radiance,
  • Smoother features, well-rested face.




Forms the equivalent of a second, non-occlusive skin on the surface of the epidermis, resulting in uniform distribution of the active ingredients by creating a “micro-climate” of active substances all day long. The hydrating action is optimal due to effective protection of the hydrolipid film. The filling and smoothing effect is instantaneous and lasting. No shine and absolute comfort result; it is compatible with all skin types and climates and an excellent foundation base for make-up.

Antileukine 6

Skin aging can be (partly) considered to be a chronic inflammatory reaction. Antileukine 6 is an e ective biological protector, preserving the skin from the infl ammatory effects of solar radiation and environmental conditions.


This active ingredient, considered to be an alternative to collagen injections, reactivates the synthesis of collagen I to III to achieve the same level as that of a young skin. After 15 days of application, its wrinkle-reducing action is equal to that of an injection.


A biotechnological active ingredient which goes back to the origins of life to combat skin senescence. Skin senescence is the loss of the skin’s ability to regenerate and defend itself. The skin visibly loses its freshness, radiance and homogeneity, becoming old and wizened. Phormiskin is an active ingredient capable of increasing the protein thioredoxin, which plays a role in numerous biological functions, and stimulates cellular growth in particular.


Currently considered to be one of the most effective anti-age active ingredients on the market, it reduces the production of progerin, the protein that has been recently discovered to be an important part of the skin aging process. Etioliftine also has a very high antioxidant potential and strongly stimulates the fibroblastic production of type I procollagen (+29%) and elastin (+64%), two of the main components of the extracellular matrix which ensures that the dermis is firm and elastic.



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