PURE PULP NEO - Beauty Restoring Gel

PURE PULP NEO - Beauty Restoring Gel

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Pure Pulp Neo is a deep repairing treatment that instantly creates a dermo-elastic film on the skin’s surface and addresses on all the factors key to a fresh and youthful skin and face. Repairs and replenishes the skin.


Multi-action repair facial treatment

  1. Replumps and redefines contours
  2. Make the face thinner and lifts the features
  3. Multi-action care: moisturizing, lifting, plumping


SOS skincare actions

SOS beautycare actions

  • Repairing / Soothing
  • Astringent / Purifying
  • Healing / Anti-inflammatory
  • Protective / Hydrating
  • Replumps
  • Redefines contour
  • Makes the face thinner
  • Lifts the features



PURE PULP NEO is a deep-down skin repairer that instantly creates a dermo-elastic film on the surface of the skin and addresses all the factors that are the key to a fresh, youthful skin and face.

Beauty is restored to the skin
in less than 60 seconds !

1. Apply and massage


2. A film forms immediately and coats the skin

3. The features are smoothed


4. My face is re-plumped 5. My skin starts to feel comfortable 6. The face contour is more defined


 How to apply

    • As a serum: apply before the usual care for its deeply repairing, soothing and regulating action
    • As a mask: apply a thick layer with a brush. Leave on for 15 minutes and remove the excess with a tissue
    • As the last step in the beauty care routine: to benefit from its instantly embellishing and coating film

PURE PULP NEO is the multi-purpose skincare product par excellence…

 Beauty Tip

It is the only skincare product that can be blended with foundation, BB Cream or CC Cream, to restore all the factors that contribute to a naturally youthful skin: even complexion and texture, gently lifted features, visibly replumped skin.


Active Ingredients

  • CENTELLA ASIATICAThis plant grows along the Indian coast of South Africa activates skin repair in superficial burns and skin disorders of inflammatory origin (eczema.
  • MATRIXYL 3000 A combination of peptides (oligopeptides and tetrapeptides) capable of regulating cellular activity and miming the natural cell repair and communication process. This cyclopeptide also plays a very important role in skin firmness.
  • CONDURANGO BARK EXTRACT Rich in tannin, essential oils and phytosterols (plant-based lipids), the bark and leaves of this plant eaten by the Condor eagle have anti-infection and anti-inflammatory properties which provide a natural antidote for venomous snake bites.





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