AGE 2O - Deep Hydration Anti-aging Cream

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  • Intensely hydrates and re-plumps the skin.
  • Acts as an anti-dryness “shield”.
  • Makes the skin cool, fresh and comfortable without feeling greasy.


AGE 2O CREAM addresses the “lipid dimension“. With its outstanding ability to synthesize the skin’s lipids and proteins, it forms a watertight barrier to effectively.

A rich, yet light gel-balm texture with a soft silky finish that makes the skin cool and comfortable, enveloping it in a hydrating cocoon without leaving an oily film. Fresh and glowing with a smoother micro-relief, the skin becomes visibly plumper while red and sensitive areas are soothed and comforted.


On healthy subjects, aged 50 and more, dry skin, 2 weeks / 1 month.

> Better water retention after 2 weeks: X 4

> Better “long term” hydration after 4 weeks: + 30 %

> Increase in cellular cohesion (smoothing of micro-relief) of the skin after 2 weeks: + 50%

> Reduction in the depth of wrinkles after 4 weeks of treatment: - 10%

> Reduction in irritation and redness caused by dehydration: - 30 %




This exclusive complex combines the forces of two unique plant assets, extraordinary natural anti-aging potential. The combined extracts from Beech Bud BIO and the South African Aloe Ferox are able to boost oxygenation of skin cells, stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic natural cell production of acid water. The increased synthesis of structural proteins (+ 42%) enhances the transportation and retention of water in the stratum corneum by osmosis (+ 30%), strengthens the epidermal architecture and smoothes the skin’s micro-relief.


An active ingredient extract from organically grown white Lupine rich in low molecular weight peptides and oligosaccharides, this active extract synthesizes both structural proteins (+ 61%) and epidermal lipids (+ 55%), thus restoring and preserving the quality of the stratum corneum. It enhances the skin’s barrier function, limits moisture loss and protects the skin from environmental factors.


SQUALENE is an important component of human sebum and the hydrolipidic film, guaranteeing a healthy, perfectly intact epidermis. Derived from olive oil, PHYTOSQUALANE is a 100% natural, hypoallergenic active ingredient which is biologically identical to our own human squalene. It helps to restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film, thus limiting insensible water loss. It makes the epidermis supple again and gives the Cream a luscious, silky texture.



  1. Apply the cream morning and / or evening on the face (including the eye) and the neck.

  2. Massage your face with light, upward strokes.

  3. In case of a very dehydrated skin, choose the combination of serum and moisturizing anti-aging cream AGE 2O.