AGE 2O - Deep Hydration Anti-aging Serum

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  • Intensely hydrates.
  • Increases water production in the cells and improves water circulation in the tissues.
  • Brightens, re-plumps and smooths. The skin glows and the face catches the light.


AGE 2O Serum addresses the “irrigation” dimension.

This active source of hydration restores cell membrane permeability, boosts cell oxygenation and lastingly corrects the diffusion of water from the deep layers of the skin up to the epidermis.

An active source of hydration with an opalescent texture, powerful AGE 2O SERUM rapidly corrects the effects of even the most obstinate dehydration.


> Increase in NMF compounds (filaggrin) after 2 weeks of treatment: +123%

> Increase in intrinsic skin hydration after 2 weeks: X 7

> Improvement in membrane permeability: + 40%





This exclusive complex combines the forces of two unique plant assets, extraordinary natural anti-aging potential.

The combined extracts from Beech Bud BIO and the South African Aloe Ferox are able to boost oxygenation of skin cells, stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic natural cell production of acid water.

The increased synthesis of structural proteins (+ 42%) enhances the transportation and retention of water in the stratum corneum by osmosis (+ 30%), strengthens the epidermal architecture and smoothes the skin’s micro-relief.

BETAINE : preserves water resources of the skin

Betain, an active ingredient extracted from organic beetroot, is a cell osmolyte that helps to transport water, thus maintaining an optimum water balance in the cells (osmoregulation) and preserving intracellular metabolic activity while stimulating cell renewal and collagen production.

FUCOGEL : moisturizing and restructuring properties

A Biocert polysaccharide with hydrating, softening, coating and smoothing action that forms a film on the surface of the skin to effectively reinforce protection of the epidermis against dehydration, and gives AGE 2O Serum a gentle sensorial effect.



  1. Apply the serum morning and / or evening including the eye area.

  2. In a treatment program, the serum must first be applied, under your day cream.

  3. In case of a very dehydrated skin, choose the combination of serum and moisturizing anti-aging cream AGE 2O.