AGE KILLER - Lift-in-tense Anti-age firming cream

AGE KILLER - Lift-in-tense Anti-age firming cream

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Gamme age killer


A light texture that, upon application, turns into a real “mesh network” giving a spectacular beauty result. The feeling of support, very noticeable on the skin, acts visibly on the firmness of the face. Age Killer intensely strengthens and adds a “Stretch” effect to the skin upon application.ANTI-AGEINGLIFTING / FIRMNESSALL SKIN TYPES

Firming face cream

  1. Builds flexibly strength and provides a feeling of “mesh” on the skin
  2. Smoothes and relaxes skin muscles
  3. The skin looks firmer, more toned, wrinkles are reduced

  • Apply the cream in the morning and at night in small strokes on the cheeks, chin, forehead and neck.
  • Gently massage from bottom to top, from inside to outside.
  • For a striking synergy and extreme lifting and firmness action, combine the cream with the Age Killer firmness serum.

Active Ingredients




For the first time, the action on elastin, combined with an action on the main collagen isotypes of the skin, results in new efficacies on the face’s elasticity, firmness, tone, and lift. The renewal of functional elasticity allows the skin to follow facial expressions without marking, the “stretch” effect helps the facial restructuring.

The complex assembly of the proteins that constitute elastin is carried out using enzymes allowing their synthesis. The “star” among these enzymes is LOXL1, whose synthesis begins to decrease at the age of 18 years according to research conducted by the French National Center for Scientific Research.

The action of the dill fruit extract stimulates the production of this specific enzyme. The functional elastin fibers of the deep parts of the skin are then stimulated and restructured, permanently ensuring the “stretch lift” effect that will result in a younger look, while respecting the natural features of the face. The lifting effect is immediately visible and becomes more and more noticeable as you use it.

How to apply