CLEAN - Micellar skin care, instant makeup remover solution

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> Morning: eliminates nocturnal secretions and form a micellar film for long-lasting makeup throughout the day.

> Evening: removes (without rinsing) all types of makeup (even waterproof), pollution from the air and excess sebum.

> The preservative-free formula (patented) means that it is accessible to all skin types, particularly most sensitive.


More than just a water, micellar skin care !

The CLEAN makeup removal solution is a real skin care treatment that combines gentle and e­ffective cleansing with a firming, rebalancing, and anti-imperfections action.

1Ultra-effective makeup removal and cleansing action

Eliminates makeup (including waterproof) and impurities :

  • Eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, lipstick, tinted cream, liner…
  • Pollution, nocturnal secretions, dust residue, excess sebum and dead skin cells.

2Complete skin care performance

  • Strengthens skin tissue (firmness, suppleness),
  • Preserve the hydrolipidic film (hydration),
  • Balances and preserves skin flora,
  • Anti-imperfections.

3When used as a base, before applying makeup

It significantly improves makeup hold
The high concentration of micelles in CLEAN Micellar Skin care, as well as their size (0.3 microns), create a micellar film on the skin surface.

This film hooks onto and encapsulates makeup pigments and significantly improves makeup hold throughout the day. It also makes it easier to remove in the evening.


Main active ingredient:  South African ximenic acid

Ximenic acid derived from Sandalwood firms the skin and has a gentle and natural antibacterial action which is of particular interest for a cleansing product:

  • Improves epidermal structures,
  • Increases skin suppleness,
  • Inhibits bacteria and some pathogenic yeasts.

3 applications, 3 combinations for a new way to remove makeup

Eliminate and set makeup

1Eliminate and set makeup

Can be used alone with a cotton pad, no need to rinse.
Evening: to remove makeup, pollution from the air and excess sebum.

Morning: to eliminate nocturnal secretions and form a micellar film for long-lasting makeup.

Create an instant bi-phase makeup remover

2Create an instant bi-phase makeup remover

Used with the Cleansing Oil CLEAN
Two very “trendy“ textures for clean and incredibly soft skin in record time.

Oily phase: composed of essential fatty acids, CLEAN Cleansing Oil guarantees ultra-effective makeup removal, even on the most resistant makeup. Micellar water phase: boosts the makeup removing effectiveness of the oil, while delivering a delicate fresh effect and a non-oily finish.



Used with the Cleansing Powder CLEAN
The micellar solution replaces the water.

The powder/solution blend is created in the hand. The action of blending micelles with Kalahari salts helps to increase the number of micelles.

Result: unparalleled, e­ffective and gentle cleansing, in addition to the powder’s enzyme action, for absolutely perfect skin.